Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday in March

It's been a while since I went to a show and NPR just informed me that She and Him are playing at the Royal Oak Music Theater and I want to go! Today is the day for spring items with lots o color, stay tuned. Off to Philadelphia tomorrow to see my niece and nephew! The weather is going to be lovely and I can't wait, I see lots of Sponge Bob in my future and I like it:)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blue Houe Rocks

The show yesterday at Blue House was a great event filled with creative and friendly people. Siobhan, founder of Blue House, has set up an amazing space for creativity in the Ann Arbor/Detroit area. I am looking forward to taking workshops and being a part of the Blue House! Here are a few pictures taken by Monet Tiedemann. Check out the website for upcoming events and workshops,

Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring is Near

The sun is shining and the feeling of spring is in the air, which means spring craft shows are just around the corner. I love spring shows, the sense of excitement knowing that outdoor weather activities are about to start. Barbecues, farmers markets, wearing flip flops, laying in the hammock- to name a few. My first spring show is March 13 and 14 in St Louis, MO Indie Craft Revolution at Oak Knoll Park. Road Trip! Next up is Handmade at Blue House in Ann Arbor march 29th and Craft Revival in Ferndale April 17th. I am so excited!!