Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer is Almost Here!

Summer is almost here and the spring has flown by! I participated in some great spring shows with amazing artists and crafters. Thanks to the Handmade Detroit gals (http://www.handmadedetroit.com/) for keeping it crafty in the metro Detroit area with awesome events. Participating in Renegade Craft Brooklyn this year was a blast, we had perfect weather. I heart Brooklyn. (http://www.renegadecraft.com/). This past weekend I participated at the Indie-ana Handicraft Exchange (http://www.indieanahandicraftexchange.com/) in Indianapolis, heading back to my home state for the show. It was at the Harrison Center for the Arts and was a beautiful spot and friendly people all around. All in all, the spring shows were so fun I want to go back and do them again. Thanks to all the great people who organize these shows and all the ones who come out to support buying handmade. A few photos from Brooklyn-
Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge

Jewelry Display

Our tent for the weekend, great spot in between two trees

I am in the process of updating my etsy shop, something I have neglected while preparing for the shows. Stay tuned for some new designs, especially necklaces and metal work. Happy Summertime!

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