Friday, October 8, 2010

Welcome Friday

After updating etsy this week, the weekend is here. First, I am in search of the perfect carving pumpkin. Then on to Ann Arbor for some tailgating. I'm a Hoosier and we are serious tailgaters. I get excited about hats, snacks, drinks, the crisp air, scarfs, boys in uniform, and the crunch of the leaves. Not so much touchdowns and whistles. Today I found out I will be at the Detroit Urban Craft fair Dec. 4th and 5th at the Fillmore!! I did an actual fist pump Jersey Shore style and then checked to make sure no one saw me...needless to say I am very excited! More details to come.


  1. ha ha! great post. i hope you had fun in A2.

    so looking forward to DUCF!!!!

    c u soon.


  2. thanks Amanda!! Glad you thought it was funny, I am so excited for DUCF! A2 was fun but fast.